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Chamber Winds

PDF Score and Parts: $165

Printed Score: $80

Alpenglow Title Page.png

In regions where majestic mountain ranges dominate the horizons, a captivating spectacle unfolds just before dawn and dusk. A mesmerizing phenomenon known as Alpenglow emerges as the sun's red-orange beams delicately embrace the mountain peaks, casting their silhouette aglow with crimson radiance. This natural occurrence, gifts observers with an awe-inspiring and comforting spectacle.

Alpenglow draws inspiration from this poignant natural display, translating its emotions of serenity and transcendence into the realm of sound. While the Alpenglow phenomenon is inherently visual, this musical work endeavors to evoke the same sense of emotional resonance and tranquility, inviting listeners to experience the profound calm and spiritual resonance synonymous with witnessing this breathtaking event.

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