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Unseen Eyes

Concert Band

PDF Score and Parts: $265

Printed Score: $80

Unseen Eyes_MIDI
Unseen Eyes Title Page.png

Unseen Eyes delves into the fragility of the human psyche, exploring the interplay between perception and reality. As the darkness envelops the mind, a journey unfolds, where the familiar morphs into a realm of uncertainty. Throughout the work, the music mirrors the sensations of paranoia and the haunting, uncanny feeling of being watched. Fragments of melody intertwine with dissonant harmonies, echoing the perceptions that arise when the mind is free to wonder.

        Listeners are drawn in by repetitive drum beat mimicking that of a heartbeat, evoking a response to the paranoia-induced eyes that seem to peer from every corner. The music becomes a conduit for the inner turmoil of the human experience, where the line between imagination and truth becomes thin. Yet, amidst the unsettling notes, moments of clarity emerge, offering glimpses of reassurance of an unaccompanied experience, without the wandering gaze of the Unseen Eyes. 

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