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A Chance Meeting

Soprano Sax & Piano

PDF Score and Parts: $35

Printed Score: Unavailable

A Chance Meeting cover page.png

Immersing itself in the stylistic currents of 'cafe-rock,' A Chance Meeting unfolds as a musical narrative painted with a serene yet dynamic palette of colors and tones. The driving force of the piano serves as the rhythmic engine, propelling the saxophone into a captivating groove that effortlessly intertwines with the composition's constant, irregular time signatures.


The composition skillfully weaves a tale reminiscent of a cinematic meet-cute, where the expressive tones convey the nuances of a chance encounter between two individuals. The music mirrors the silent exchange of loving glances across a room, capturing the essence of two souls yearning for a fleeting moment together yet hindered by the hesitancy to initiate conversation.


As the seconds tick away, each passing moment becomes a poignant opportunity for their one chance meeting. The music, a reflection of their unspoken desires, builds a suspenseful atmosphere that begs the question: will they summon the courage to seize the moment? A Chance Meeting beckons listeners to immerse themselves in the delicate dance of emotions, mirroring the intricacies of human connection and the delicate balance between longing and the courage to embrace destiny

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