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PDF Scores and Parts

All scores and parts are formatted to 8.5/11 paper size for easy printing unless otherwise noted for oversized scores (11x17) in the purchase box. After checkout of you purchase you will be directed to a downloads page to receive your score and parts. You will also receive an order confirmation in your email that will hold your newly purchased content. BE CAREFUL! if you lose this email or have not backed up your download before purchase you will be required to submit another order to obtain the materials. 


Paper sets/scores usually ship within 5 business days via USPS.

International Shipping

We do not currently offer international shipping. To best receive your scores and parts for international performances, please purchase PDF materials. If a work does not have a PDF version please contact composer.

Can I Copy Scores and Parts?

Scores and parts purchased via PDF can be duplicated and dispersed within the organization with the purchased license. You are not Permitted to copy and share performance materials with outside schools or organizations. Scores used for submissions and/or evaluations must by physical scores purchased for this reason.

Arrangements for Marching Band

Please contact the composer for more information. If you wish to use works published by Murphy Music Press (The Wave Returns to the Ocean), Please contact them directly.

Do You Skype or Zoom


For more information about dates and rates, please contact the composer.


Do You Conduct?


For more information about dates and rates, please contact the composer.

Do You Have Social Media?

Yes, but I tend to be a very private person. If you do find me (its not hard) I don't usually accept people I don't know or have not met to some degree.

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