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Save the Trees! Scores and parts are available in PDF

009 Scarborough Fair.png

Grade 3

Unseen Eyes (2024) - Coming Soon!

Coming Soon!

sonoma 2_edited.jpg

Scarborough Fair (2023)

Scarborough Fair Cover Page.png

Dido's Lament (2017)

Dido's Lament Score Cover.png

Fuse (2023)

Commissioned by Consortium

Coming Soon!

sonoma 2_edited.jpg

Liminal Spaces (2021)

Commissioned by Matthew Barnes and the Morris High School Band

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Liminal Spaces Cover PAge.png
The Wave Returns to the Ocean - Wind Ensemble_09.20.23026.png

Grade 5-6

Alpenglow (2023)

For Chamber Winds

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Alpenglow Title Page.png

Cave of Mirrors (2020)

Winner of the Charles B. Olson Composition Competition!

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Cave of Mirrors cover page.png

The Wave Returns to the Ocean (2023)

The wave cover page.png
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