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At the Moment of Creation

Concerto for Flute and Orchestra

PDF Parts: $465

Printed Score: $95

Additional Performances: $200


Parts are licensed* ("rented") per performance, and delivered in PDF form.

Parts .ZIP file does not include a score.

ATMOC Cover Page.png

At the Moment of Creation is inspired by the moments following the Big Bang. The swirling clouds of the chemical soup that created all the unique elements in the universe, the era of nothingness, and the building and tearing apart of galactic monuments. These pivotal moments in the life of our universe are what allowed the conditions of a functioning physics, but also the creation of life, however sparse or plenty it may be. Each movement embodies a quality of these essential pinpoints of universal evolution; I: Hot, Dense Cloud represents the first seconds after the singularity that caused the Big Bang. The swirling gasses amid the ragingly hot cloud, expanding ever so quickly across the expanse of the universe. The dance of each newly formed element creates infinite possibilities for the virgin universe. II: A Millenia of Silence accounts for the long, lonely period after the Big Bang while the universe was cooling down, allowing for the right temperature for the survival of primordial atoms. This long period began with chaos but was inevitably silent for hundreds of thousands of years. It wasn't all too bad during that period. Near the end of the silent era, gasses started to pull onto each other, creating giant nebulae, forming stars, rock, and beautiful statuettes that collide, break apart, and reform and continue to create stellar masterpieces that inevitably allowed the conditions for life to form. III: Formations is a tribute to that artist and sculptor that is the universe, painting on enormous canvases and creating a colorful and wonderful galaxy.

The title of this work, At the Moment of Creation, was thought of and created by my father; written in a book where he would keep thoughts about song lyrics and ideas to write songs about. Among these pages were inspiring ideas of songs and thoughts of various degrees, from spiritual to rock-&-roll. I started work on this concerto shortly after his passing in 2017 with the inspiration of his musical pallet. Unfortunately, the journal containing his ideas has been lost, but his spirit lives on through his inspiration in these pages.

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