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Winner of the Charles B. Olson Composition Contest

Cave of Mirrors

Wind Ensemble

PDF Score and Parts: $400

Printed Score: $95

Cave of Mirrors cover page.png

Nestled within the ethereal depths of the Cave of Mirrors lies a rich tapestry of the human spirit—a grand opus that embarks on a daring expedition, weaving an intricate tale of boundless curiosity and untold wonders. Each resplendent movement of this orchestral symphony unfurls like a cinematic tableau, inviting listeners to partake in a spellbinding journey of profound animation and wistful melancholy.

Within this enchanting composition, a profound narrative emerges—a mesmerizing testament to the innate yearnings of the adventurous soul. As the harmonies rise and fall in synchrony with the ebb and flow of destiny, a mystical secret emerges from the veiled recesses of time itself. It beckons the weary traveler to delve deeper into the labyrinthine corridors of introspection, exploring the very fabric of existence.

Amidst the majestic crescendos and delicate refrains, the tale evokes profound questions that transcend the boundaries of mortal comprehension, captivating the mind and stirring the heart. It implores us to contemplate our place in the grand tapestry of the cosmos, and ponder the eternal riddle of our identity within the vast reaches of the universe.


With its splendid symphonic tapestry, Cave of Mirrors unveils a sublime mélange of musical expression, seamlessly blending notes and emotions into an ethereal realm. Its intricate melodies and harmonious motifs enchant the senses, painting vivid scenes that ignite the imagination and leave an indelible imprint upon the soul.


In the presence of this elegant opus, one is transported to a realm where the ethereal and the tangible coalesce—a sanctuary of introspection and self-discovery. As the music weaves its intricate patterns, it beckons us to embark on our inward odyssey, traversing the enigmatic corridors of reflection to unlock the mysteries of our existence.


Cave of Mirrors stands as a testament to the transcendent power of music—a symphony that elevates the spirit, broadens our horizons and ignites the flame of wonder within our hearts. It reminds us that within sound and melody, we can embark on profound journeys of self-realization, embracing the eternal quest for knowledge and our place in the cosmic ballet of life

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