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Dido's Lament

Concert Band

PDF Score and Parts: $165

Printed Score: $80

Dido's Lament - Wind Ensemble
Dido's Lament Score Cover.png

During the course of my undergraduate education at Oklahoma State University, I encountered a musical composition that left an everlasting impression on me and forever altered my perception of music. The vibrant aria written by Henry Purcell’s genius culminated in one of the most exquisite and nuanced masterpieces I have ever heard: the beautifully haunting aria of Dido's Lament from the opera Dido & Aeneas.


Although this composition traces its origins back to 1689, its emotive resonance has the ability to stir my soul and bring me to tears with its combination of vibrancy and melancholy in the present day. The aria’s libretto delves even deeper into the realm of heartache as it portrays Dido's agonizing struggle with the choice between life and death. Her ultimate sacrifice is nothing short of heart-wrenching and tragic.


What further elevates the significance of this composition is its incorporation into the commemorations of the Stonewall massacre, a tragic chapter in the history of human rights and civil liberties. The loss of precious lives and the systemic brutality faced by the LGBTQ+ community serve as stark reminders of a void in the collective conscience of humanity, a void that must be filled with love if we are to progress as a species. The aria, though tragic and mournful, offers a glimmer of hope as Dido sings "Remember me, but ah! forget my fate."

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