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In the Darkness of the Night

Sonata for Oboe & Piano

PDF Score and Parts: $35

Printed Score: Unavailable

Version for Soprano Sax and Piano: $35

In the Darkness of the Night cover page.png

In the tranquil embrace of the evening, when the ambient lights have surrendered to the silent darkness, the nocturnal essence gracefully unfolds. In this quietude, a vibrant tapestry of color and melody emerges, captivating both the visual and auditory senses. The celestial canvas above, adorned with a myriad of stars, engages in a celestial dance, casting its luminous glow upon the realm below. From the distant horizon, the lingering radiance of the sun's farewell gently pierces through, illuminating the nocturnal expanse.


Immersed in this atmosphere, the whispers of the creatures of the night contribute to a mesmerizing nocturne, beckoning your attention as you peer into the ephemeral abyss. These are the voices of the darkness, orchestrating the beauty of an unseen world. Witness before you a celestial shower, as shooting stars streak across the vast expanse like radiant embers detached from their celestial flame. Each one possesses a unique brilliance, yet collectively they weave a familiar cosmic narrative.


Behold the sights and sounds of a world enveloped in the enigmatic embrace of the night, where the extraordinary becomes ordinary in the quiet majesty of darkness

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