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Commissioned by Matthew Barnes and the Morris High School Band

Liminal Spaces

Flex Ensemble and Percussion

PDF Score and Parts: $165

Printed Score: $80

Liminal Spaces Cover PAge.png

        Liminality is defined as "situated at a sensory threshold," a place between what is real and and what is fantasy. Liminal spaces are the boundless open spaces in our minds; a place outside of time, in an endless limbo.
       Liminal Spaces invokes the process of a thought from beginning to end. Centering around five shakers, Liminal Spaces imitates the rattling of fragmented ideas that will inevitably become a full thought. The bowls with pinballs imitate the clanging of new ideas, and the pitched tubes represent the high frequency notes that scream and interrupt day-to-day thinking. Near the end, a chorale invokes a complete thought as the aleatoric buzzing breaks apart.

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