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For Azzarea

The Forlorn Wind

Solo Flute + Electronics

PDF Score and Parts: $35

Printed Score: Unavailable

The Forlorn Wind cover page.png

The Forlorn Wind is a captivating solo piece for flute with live electronics that invites listeners on a poignant journey through solitude and wistful reflection. Like a solemn breeze coursing through a valley, this composition explores the inherent beauty and introspection found within nature's whispers.


As the music unfolds, the lonely wind stream navigates fields of delicate flowers and tranquil watersides, contemplating its purpose with every gentle caress. The remnants of winter's icy chill linger, intermittently nipping at the villagers even as springtime surges forth in full bloom. It is within this nuanced interplay of seasons that the true essence of the forlorn wind is revealed.


Together, the flute and live electronics create a captivating soundscape, intertwining and evoking a colorful sea of harmonies and textures. "The Forlorn Wind" is a composition that never yields, an exploration of the human experience, and a heartfelt reflection on the profound beauty found within solitude. Accompanying the composition is a heartfelt poem penned by the composer, serving as a point of narration.


The Forlorn Wind was chosen as the runner-up in the Arizona Flute Society Composition Competition.

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